WHENEVER YOU’RE interacting with your horse, you’re either teaching him something or being taught by him. Taking the halter off is a perfect example. Many owners put up with the rude and surly behaviour when they remove the halter from their horse and prepare to turn him loose. This is especially true around dinnertime, when the horse are being released into their stalls. They’re anxious to get their grain and hay, and they may throw their heads back, jerk free from the halter or spin around for their food. Not only is such behaviour disrespectful, but can also be dangerous. So teach your horse to stand quietly while you take off his halter and to wait until he is dismissed. Better for you, better for your horse, and you will be gratified by your horse’s calm and ease.

Had a great day with Dorte Tuladhar today! More to come about that.

Photo of Stokdals Livanos and me in Equestrian Stockholm.