JUST GOT back from the Swedish National Equestrian Center Strömsholm after showing my dear client Margaretha Westin’s Con D’amour at the swedish 4 year old test today. SO happy to ride such a great horse, to show on Swedish grounds again, and collect 76%!!!

Strömsholm is a collection of beautiful buildings that remind you of estates and castles, but a closer look reveals them to be stables and riding halls. It’s a modern Equestrian Centre with great facilities (seven indoor schools!) and it’s such a pleasure to show at the grounds.

I’ve worked with Con D’amour a couple of days now and I’m SO pleased with the result. This young boy was a star in the new environment who got well deserved love from the judges.
Excited to follow his journey forward!

Very happy pony day<3


Clothes & saddle pad by Equestrian Stockholm