likit horse muffin treat

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’m home in Sweden, enjoying my first horse free day in two month and sending an extra wish to all of You visiting The Equestrian! to Mel and Sarah who keeps my horsey world running in England while I’m away, and to Likit for sending great Christmas gifts to my horses!

Amaretto apparently LOVES the ‘Boredom Breaker’ and 4 yo Caruso is really happy about the ‘Snak-a-Ball‘! (The goodness ball that stimulates natural grazing behaviour, which is beneficial to a horse’s digestion – especially now in the winter and even more when I’m away! It also makes the horse stretch forwards and down, which may help improve muscles and flexibility. I always feed my horses on the ground for this reason. No hay nets and also grains are fed on the ground.)

Photo of My favourite, the Stud Muffin! (Yes, it’s treats for horses, including linseed and fenugreek.) 

Verry Merry Everyone!