WHAT A WEEK! It’s December. And it’s always like this in December. But it’s just to tag along with the fast flow until the holidays.

What I love about this sport, and why dressage is such an art, is that you can forever and ever continue to develop your basics. I love that about riding. You’re never done. And focus of this week is correct contact. Correct contact is difficult to explain in one simple post because it is an ever-changing feeling and different on different horses. When a horse is well balanced and in self-carriage, contact with the mouth is so light it is nearly nothing. But if a horse is uneducated, looses balance or falls on the forehand, the contact may become quite heavy until the horse is balanced. The feel for correct contact is also different for every rider, because it develops and fine tunes more and more the stronger and more correct the rider get their seat.

Many riders try to have what they consider a very light contact by opening their fingers, but instead of having a light contact, they have almost no contact. Correct contact is a result of a rider being able to actively ride with their seat and leg aids.

Ah, bliss on this weeks trainings! Above with Caruso at Spring Hill Dressage. 

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