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AUTUMN HAS arrived in UK, & with that it’s time for the cozy rug season. Here are some autumn prep reminders to make sure the cold wind doesn’t take energy away from you!

  • Take care of yours and your horses energy. Rug them up to make sure your horse still use his energy to work, build muscle, heal and feel good. Rather then for staying warm. Here’s a general guideline on what rug to put on when:
    10-15 degrees: Light rug
    5-10 degrees: Medium rug
    0-5 degrees: Heavy rug
    We normally don’t get the minus here but if it does, or feeling freezy in Jan, I put a woolen under the heavy.
  • Use sheep skin! Some horses are more weather dependant then others (as with humans. I’m one very much so right here) and the colder and more windy the more I pamper the sensitive ones to make them comfortable. Caruso is a very weather sensitive one, and he for instance gets girthy with the cold. To make him feel better I use a sheep skin girth sleeve, & it defo does the job for Mr Big and our tack ups in the colder weather.
  • Wear natural. Natural fibres, like wool, keeps you warm much better in the cold wet weather. I rather use a thin sweater made of wool under my jacket, then a thick one made of polyester.

Thank you so much to Harry Hall for prepping my boys for the autumn so we’re ready to rock n’ roll even in the wind!

Bailey Harry Hall2

Photo of Bailey ready for our training with Rafael Soto. 

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