IT’S NOT all about competition. Far from it actually. Competition is just a receipt you’re doing your job right. For me. It’s not the only purpose. Here’s a beautiful story of my very dear Swedish client Ewa and her horse Daisy, that lights my fire just as much as competitions does. Ewa came up to me after I had competed Caruso last year and needed some help with her new mare. Daisy was barely rideable at that time, she just took of and had no interest in being ridden, and Ewa had gone from being a brave and happy pleasure rider to worried to even get on a horse.

Daisy had never got any proper education and couldn’t therefor see the upside of being ridden. It frightened her. Ewa is a professional dog behaviourist and really has an understanding of behaviour patterns and the process of rebuilding them, which helps enormously in my job. So since then I’ve trained Daisy, and Ewa has used hypnotherapy to get over her fear. & about a month ago (it takes time , patience and focus to rebuild positive patterns when they’ve been negative for years but oh then it’s so possible!) we started to put Ewa on to walk Daisy after I’d trained her, in a lunge line (the lunge line was more fro Ewa, Diasy doesn’t need it). And from there we have started to take small walks outside of the arena. Yesterday I walked with Ewa who hacked out on Daisy for the first time. Both so brilliantly. & today they hacked out completely by themselves, and added some trot! Ah, it makes me so happy to see them both happily chilled with each other now I could cry! 

Thanks Ewa for sticking to plans and allowing me to do what I’m supposed to! <3