WELL THAT WAS FUN! I wasn’t aware I was competing in style against models as Sunday Express states but it was definitely my favourite Royal Ascot (& outfit!) so far!!

As you know I’m such a nerd for equestrian history and a huge fan of people and brands who support the industry to be able to go on with level. & I’m very lucky to have support from the luxury watchmaking company and largest equestrian event sponsor LONGINES. These awesome timekeepers has nurtured and supported equestrian sports since 1878 and is a partner of the largest equestrian events all across the globe (even dressage starting last year!). With generations of experience as the official timekeeper for world championships, and as partner for international sport federations, Longines has created lasting and durable links in the world of equestrian sports to help the industry stay on a high level for every being involved. SO important.

The Royal Ascot is not just a event for race enthusiasts, but rather a social event for every equestrian and a great way to meet likeminded. I really admire this culture in UK, having so much social engagement around horses. Each year Royal Ascot present the Longines Ladies Award at the Ascot, to women who’s positive influence and exceptional commitment has advanced the cause of equestrian sports. They also support the charity injured rider’s fund, and improving the lives of injured riders and their families by providing appropriate assistance, financial or otherwise, in a prompt and sympathetic manner. Ah, I’m LOVING this. Thank you so much Longines.

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