SO HAPPY to attend a totally sparkling day at the all-female Swarovski Magnolia Cup at Qatar Goodwood Racecourse on Ladies’ Day yesterday! The racing sport is quite far from my equestrian genre, but the goods that these horses come with is pretty awesome. This race raised funds for Cancer Research UK, while also empowering women in sport <3

Swarovski, sponsor or the race yesterday, held the all-female race, with twelve amateur riders compete in aid of charity. This year, the proceeds will go to Cancer Research UK and celebrating strong, inspirational women who are testing their limits in the challenging sport of horses. So good 🙂

Also cool: Swarovski is a brand with over 70% female workforce and strives to empower all women, from those who manufacture their products to those who wear them. They are a signatory of the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, also part of the UN Women UK National Committee Corporate Advisory Group, supporting the work of UN Women in its mission for gender equality AND they support numerous charitable initiatives that promote women’s empowerment, both on a corporate level and through the Swarovski Foundation.
Total (horse) girl power! SO GOOD.

Photo of Sabrina Percy, Charlie Webster, Faya Nilsson, Olivia Wayne, Amy Williams, Linnea Aarflot, Joanna Hardy.

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