GREAT DAYS teaching in Stockholm this weekend! Giving the one day clinic at the jumping with the stars stable AP-Ridutveckling and teaching my oldies but goldies in Vallentuna. LOVE to see them grow up so well. & that it’s still summer here!

At the one day dressage clinics we go through the whole basic system of dressage. From the dressage rider’s seat and aids, to the horses’s body and the education of the horse through the levels. We ride in the morning, before we go through theory. Then yummy healthy lunch, before another hour of riding. Love to give new faces the whole package of the basics, and looking forward to do it again on below dates!

October 6
November 10
December 23 

All levels of riders are welscome, and you can rent one of Anna Wallberg’s dressage horses if you don’t come with your own. There’s a few spots left so if you’re interested, just sign up HERE.

Lots of love to Anna Wallberg for hosting <3 Now time to get back to ride my dear four legged waiting at Springhill! <3 

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