I’M SO HAPPY & proud of super ginger Nibbles!! We competed at Belmoredean on Thursday, where she gave our best feel that far and got home with a 2nd. Yesterday we finished of the Hickstead season, with an even better test – and a Win just under 70%!

Ah, I’m so proud of her. At home she’s such a sweet cuddle, she’s developing so steadily, and when I ask her to step up the game she really knows how to take the stage. It’s rare to have all of this at the same time. (& yes I’m remembering to be grateful because AH it’s fun! <3)

Lots of love to Nibbles owner Caroline Edgeley for letting me develop this horse. & to Equestrian Stockholm, Stübben, Longines and Padoc & Pace for making us both look and feel on TOP. Thank you! 

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