SHE IS SUCH a superstar! Nibbles (Firenze) and I home with another win from todays competition at Stepaside Dressage, and we’re qualified for the National Championship Semi final in February!

I’m so proud of her. Especially this time. It was a trickier test then she’s done before and I haven’t been at my best this week. I lost someone very close to me and it has taken a lot of my energy and focus away. But it has reminded me about how much I truly appreciate having a genuine bond with my horses. I don’t think about it on a daily basis, but on a day like today I’m very grateful for Nibbles kindness. First of all I wasn’t as organised as I normally am before a show. Laura, my amazing lady driver, even mentioned I didn’t look on form. Then it was so much traffic on our way we stood still for AGES. When we finally arrived and I got on, I literally had 10 minutes to warm up. & like any horse Nibbles needs a proper warm up to bend her body before doing half passes and pirouettes – especially in front of a judge! I remember thinking I probably shouldn’t compete when I’m not 100%, hoping my clients would see through me this day and not believe I’ve lost my souls purpose of making horses happy, healthy and performing at their best. But heyho the time just wasn’t there and I did what we could of the situation. AND. Nibbles <3 just took it all in her stride and basically took me through the test. I’m not sure how, but I think this is what’s so important about having a genuine understanding for your four legged partners. Because as a human we can’t plan EVERYTHING that can possible happen. Not in life, and especially not on a competition day. And when the plan fails, that’s when you need your horse and team mates to WANT to support you. Nibbles totally did and we got home with both a Win and a Nationals Semi final qualifier!! Thank you thank you Nibbles <3

Loads of love to Nibbles owner Caroline Edgeley. I’m so beyond grateful for having this job and for being able to live and show my souls purpose even when I’m low. To everyone who has cheered me on this tuff week. It’s truly powerful. & of course to our favourites Equestrian Stockholm, Stuebben, Longines and Padoc & Pace for helping us look and feel at our best possible!

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