10 YEARS Challenge

THE 10 YEARS challenge here! & it makes me realise so much has happened. I’ve moved across the world. Twice! I’ve built up a life with the same vision and mission in Sweden, US (remember when I was working with Kevin the cowboy and the wild horses? Yeesuz what a trip down memory lane), and then in UK. I’ve ridden more horses then I can remember and experienced and learnt so much I can’t put in into words as short as a blog post. But essentially, most importantly, absolutely nothing has changed. I’m still, to a ridiculous extent, exactly the same hopeless horse geek! & will hopefully forever be : )

Happy horsey weekend!

Photo 1 is of me and the horse Ana, 10 years ago in Sweden (to the left) & Nibbles and me this summer (to the right). 
Photo 2 is of me and my dream boy Mick 10 years ago (above), and my love Caruso at Dressage Masters last year (at the bottom). 
Photo 3 is me and Ana (to the left) and Nibbles this summer (to the right). 
Photo 4 is again with my biggest hearts, Mick & Caruso, 10 years in between.