THIS WEEKS competitions are done and I’m really proud of it! First out was my neighbour and dear client Ewa, and her horse Daisy, yesterday. About a year ago her goal was to one day canter Daisy. And maybe one day see me compete her. And maybe, but just maybe, she’d be able to do that too. & Hocus Pocus here we are, Ewa and Daisy doing their first competition together – And going home with a 3rd on 66%! Sometimes it’s more about our headspace and emotions, then the physical body, that holds us back. And the good news is, there are recipes for that too! As for everything. So happy to work with them.

Today it was Sarah De Martin’s big man Lucky’s turn. He’s not been out for about six month and, with his Jazzy head he needs some routine back in his bones. We’ve worked a lot with tension releasing ground work at home. And ah, I can not wait to tell you more about this fantastic topic. But that’s another post. Anyhow. It’s payed off and we’re home with a double win!

As always lots of love to Equestrian Stockholm, Stubben, Longines, Padoc & Pace for helping us look and feel at our best <3