THAT WAS SNOWEY! But so lovely. One very white weekend teaching in snow land Sweden. Lovely to meet both new and old combinations. And although I’m loving the winter when it’s this pretty, I can’t wait for the spring to happen as we’re starting up The Equestrian Retreat in Stockholm! 🐴🌈🤸‍♂️💕

As always we start our days with a yoga practice for the riders, followed by a dressage training taking the yoga with us to work on the rider’s seat. Over lunch we go through the education of both horse and rider with organic yummy and nourishing wholefoods 🥑✨ After lunch we focus more on the horse during our dressage training, and we finish the day with a mindfulness and meditation practise for the riders 🐴🌿🧘‍♀️✨

The beautiful jumping with the stars stable AP Ridutveckling will be our host in Stockholm, and I’m looking much forward to work with my dear friend, fantastic rider and yoga teacher Anna Wallberg. 

It is so good. On many levels. Dates here: 

May 4, June 1, July 6.