NOT THAT this is any news, but lately I’ve witnessed how insanely, absolutely redicolously uber important it is to have the right mindset. There simply are only two forces: fear, or faith.

You could also say fearful, anxious, doubtful, negative, absolute thoughts or believes, VS thought or beliefs coming from love, positivity, faith.

Very many people, an unnessesary amount and absolutely way too many if you ask me, end up in the fear/anxious thought pattern in life, for reasons they most of the time can’t control. BUT, we are the only ones responsible for what we do with it. If we don’t observe our thoughts and actions and what they are based on and end up creating, then we are likely do end up in fear and fail. This goes through everything in life, but I don’t know any clearer mirror then our horses. Yeezus guys how incredible our horses are, and how amazingly much they can teach us! Not only about the sport of dressage that is.

If you you’re currently on the nervous fear side, please find a trainer or coach that can help you take a leap of faith to the other side. And don’t be afraid to say I don’t understand what you mean with finding balance, for instance, you have the right to ask and search until you get it.

Please <3

Can’t wait to help more people and riders with this topic at The Equestrian Retreat. Dates coming soon.