‘THE OBJECT of the training of the horse is to make him obedient and submissive to the rider’s will. The object of training for the rider is to give him the physical and mental proficiency to be able to understand his partner, to execute with him all movements, to be able to follow them with skill and power, and to be able to resist them if necessary. 

The best trained horse would be useless without a potential rider. A well-trained horse will certainly be an excellent hack, but in this case the activities of the rider will be no more then those of a passenger. Both horse and rider must contribute an equal share to the work of art which is the goal. Even when presenting a fully trained horse, a rider must have considerable knowledge and experience. How much more he will require to train an untrained horse, and still more to retrain a badly trained one.’

Words from my notebook back in 2006 when I was a hired working rider and like a spunch to water for everything art of riding. And with this I’m summing up a really lovely weekend teaching all sorts of horses around Stockholm! <3 

Photo of myself on Lucky and our dear colleague and GP rider Emily Ward on Dax. All wearing Equestrian Stockholm.