Linnea Aarflot is a solution oriented dressage rider and trainer, who after working as a rider at two Olympic dressage stables in the US and the UK, is now based at Spring Hill Dressage in East Sussex, England.

Born in a creative Swedish family with a great love of nature, Linnéa developed her talent for art at an early age – which shines through her passion for horses. As a young rider her natural talent with horses was already apparent, being able to calm wild ones and encourage weaker horses to grow strong. She trained her first horse Mick, to the highest level in dressage and helped him heal from a brain tumor. With 20 years’ experience, she has worked with a wide range of horses including Grand Prix dressage stallions, World Cup competition horses, the NYPD’s horses & the Swedish Military horses, young dressage horses, wild horses and rescue horses. She has also helped many riders to understand – and deepen their relationship with – their four legged partners.

Today Linnea is based at Spring Hill Dressage 60 minutes south of London, with danish World Cup rider Sune Hansen, where she produces and competes her own as well as client’s dressage horses. She regularly goes for clinics to Sweden, New York and California, and runs The Equestrian Retreat for riders during spring and summer time weekends. Everything with the mission to spread her deep love and understanding for horses, art of riding and sport of dressage.

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