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AS I’M ABOUT TO enter month eight of my pregnancy and can’t ride anymore (my pelvic dosen’t really allow it unfortunately) I’ve taken some time off and babymooning to the max atm – hibernating in Morocco! Very happy Mumma to be living sustainably at a eco lodge in the middle of absolute nowhere between Moroccan sand dunes and the Atlantic Ocean, with a crew of people who are in a good mood for no specific reason and making you feel like family, eating local and organic, plastic bags are forbidden and there’s loads of time for self care routines. I was supposed to give our Moroccan Retreat here last month, but as you know, I got too pregnant and we had to postpone this treasure to next year. It will be back though! So check back as I will ad new dates as soon as I know how I’m doing with +1 next year. Now it’s just Oliver and myself here and we’re soaking in on the self care sessions atm, thinking we might have a bit less time for that in a few weeks. (Trying to remember though, that you can only give so much love to others, ponies or people, that you give to yourself.)

I’m loving my prenatal morning yoga routine, my daily ‘Calm’s (please dowload the app. It’s so good. For stress, for sleep, for getting through your day with more ease and efficiency, and just feeling overall great. They provide one new short meditation each day, as well as tailor guided ones depending on your emotional or mental needs). Also LOVING the self care accessories from The Barn UK. Especially their ethically sourced Palo Santo, it smells incredible, and the Mayan Copal Incense, ah! So good to any self love ritual or calming routine <3 Check them out!