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IT’S VACATION TIME! & not just my normal one or two day holiday, I have two weeeeeks for the first time in about one million years!! Luckily I’m this year able to take a break and enjoy some well deserved (if I may say that to myself) time off. I’m usually good in valuing time to recharge, as rest it’s incredibly important to perform at your best. But usually I can’t leave the horses for more then a couple days. So, ahh, I’m really excited to do absolutely nothing horsey for weeks!

It honestly was about a decade or so ago I took this amount of time off. I usually just want to get back to ride after a few days, rather then doing nothing or something else then riding. But this time I’m well prepared and loving myself to some favourite routines here in Biarritz, France:

Mostly my daily rituals include: morning yoga (by the beach for now yess, and in the most comfortable yoga wear from Ana Heart London <3), I have time to cook food (well, thanks to my other half for having the foodie fingers of us two but I’m doing my best to make yummy snacks at least!) like home made green smoothies, gluten free granola and lemon pressés.

I absolutely ADORE the inner luxury lifestyle brand THE BARN UK, all they stand for, and all their self caring accessories. I’ve brought most of my favourites from there. Like the crystal water bottle, their essential body oil (which calms down not only your sun burned skin but also soothes your whole being) and their beautiful jewellery. <3 The Barn. I try to get a snooze or meditation in the afternoons (CALM is a great app for the days when you need a bit of guidens, or if you’re just curious to get started with a meditation routine) and I love the fresh seafood we enjoy most evenings! Ah, and just to not sit way too still we did a little road trip to the mountains, and to the desert in Spain! I do love big natures. It gives me peace (when I don’t have a horse at hand). But mostly I’m trying to take it e a s y y y.