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& THAT’S THE last international clinic done before baby. Next month I’ll be too pregnant to fly, so I’m very happy that the genius digital live training platform and app RIDESUM exists!

Something I’m very keen to promote in my training is consistency. I only take on clients who sign up for a regular routine, as that’s the only way we have to sustainable development of both horse and rider. And lucky me, in perfect timing for maternity leave I found out about Ridesum. Ridesum brings us the incredible opportunity to keep training together, even if I can’t travel for the time being. They offer digital live streaming sessions where I can help my clients, in real time, from the comfort of my home. So while my pregnant self will have to spend some more time sitting still then usual, I can still make sure all ponies are going forward, in their regular training – and at competitions – without traveling! Ah, it’s so great.

But Ridesum is not only great for my pregnant bodys’ and babys’ needs, through Ridesum I can also help more combinations than before as I can charge less per lesson since I don’t have the cost and time for travel, and so I can welcome more riders. It also feels great for my environmentally conscious self, knowing that less travels is environmentally friendlier <3

Download the App on Apple Store or Google Play, and just search for me there. It’s really easy, all you need is your smart phone. I’m looking much forward to get in touch!

Post in collaboratin with Ridesum.