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MEET MY NEW friend, Missy Snowdrop! Snowdrop is a 8yo mare owned by Caroline Crowther and I’m super excited to add her on my list of horses. Looking much forward to get to know this very funny character better!

Last weekend I flew to Sweden. Always happy to see them swedes! & here’s a few points from then:

EVERY transition counts. Even the downward transition before you’re done to give the long reins. About 100 transitions in a 40 mins session is just about normal, and still, every single little transition counts!

Remember to give and retake the reins. Don’t give so long that the young horse loose balance. But do it quick and often enough that the horse gets the opportunity to balance himself that second you give.

If you have to use a whip, make sure you get the right reaction. The horse should not fear it, but neither be dull to it. It should only be used to get a quicker, cleaner response to the leg and seat aid and should never be used as a substitute for either.

Every test, from prelim to GP, starts with the center line and then turning. Practice those center lines at home to teach and reinforce straightness, and you’ll for sure upper your first impression when you go out.

AND last but not least, I’m nominated best equine blog 2017! Please please send The Equestrian your vote here: