LINNEA AARFLOT is well known for her high standards and solution oriented approach to the sport of dressage, as well as the importance of working with your horse to find the magic in your performance.

Linnea gives one- and two day clinics in Mindful performance riding & Sustainable Dressage for 4-10 riders/day.
For more info and to host a clinic, please click here.

For Swedish riders who doesn’t have their own horse: Linnéa will be giving one day clinics at the ‘Jumping with the starts dressage stable’ AP Ridutveckling just outside Stockholm the following dates 2019: September, 21, October 19, November 16.
Please go to and click your date to join (or send us an email in case your date isn’t up yet).

If you wish to start a dressage training schedule Linnéa offers private lesson routines. Linnéa educates both horses and riders. Please click here.

If you’re interested in The Equestrian Retreat, please find more info here.