DO LOVE MY Swedish weekends! Especially to see my old ones, and my girl Nibbles being a happy girl in her new life with her new super human Annika!

One kind reminder, the c o r n e r s. A corner correctly passed serves like a test of the training of the dressage horse. It says a lot about where the horse is at education wise, and what’s needed to progress. To insist that the corners are properly ridden is not to be too fuzzy! It’s a super important part in the physical training of the horse. Here’s just some of the goodness riding your corners properly:

– Your horse’s bend will be increased (I can’t stress the importance of correct progresson here enough) both longitudinally and laterally – which makes your horse move more proficiency and feel better.

– The obedience to the rider’s aids (especially the tunnel and the important inside leg) will increase.

– The exact execution of the movement helps to prevent any sign of laziness or loss of balance.

So good, corners!

Also, we have new dates for the autumn booked in and I’m happy we’re starting The Equestrian Retreat days at AP Ridutveckling again in September. More info just click on retreats above. Dates to book in are:

September 21
October 19
November 16

To book your spot just head to

Hope to see you there!

Photo of Nibbles and Annika <3