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HI! I’M BACK! So sorry for the silence here and so grateful for everyone checking in what’s up. Reason is: We’ve moved! And I’ve worked 24/7 to get us all on the new roll. But now we’re here.
And here’s a little recap of lately:


First of all, I was in Sweden. Lovely as always to catch up with old and new ones! Here on Sire Rhona at Stall Fågelbro.
Swedes, I’ll be back November 5-8 so let me know ASAP if you want a spot!

dressage-horse-riding-londonAmaretto being very eager when we go away to train with Sune Hansen (he literally jumps into the lorry!)


linnea-aarflot-dressage-trainer-londonAmaretto and Caruso making me proud at Spring Hill Dressage. They are both so happy to work and perform and it makes it so much fun! I still can’t believe this is my job <3

rs7x4870-lLONGINES spoils me with more amazing equestrian events! This needs a separate post.



Benjamin and Firenzo are just being super brilliant, and we got a new boy! Lucky One. (To the right. Not the best photo but.) Looking so much forward to develop this 5yo Jazz gelding for his owner Sarah! And Thank You Antares for my new helmet! LOVE the new light grey shades.


Such a privilege to ride Sune Hansen’s Jazz. And as always, wearing Equestrian Stockholm top to toe and Celeris UK Boots. Check out their most fab autumn collection ever!

It’s almost 1 year ago now, that I started my own dressage stables here in England, with the mission to produce happy and healthy dressage horses. I’m so extremely proud to have all my horses happy, healthy and performing, and to be moved in to our new 5 star facility. To tears grateful for the support we’ve got so far. Lots and lots of love to everyone following us, and especially to Caroline Edgeley, Sarah, Tora, Caroline C and Sam.

We’re based one hour south of London, in a private, new built, wonderful yard – come visit!


Video of Caruso saying goood morning to his new home land