WE’RE VERY excited to offer a day full of equine passion, peace and performance for both you and your four legged partner through THE EQUESTRIAN RETREAT. For a full day you work with recognised yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Campbell Lloyd & renown dressage rider and trainer Linnea Aarflot. Whether you are a performing competition rider or just wish to keep your horse happy and healthy, we have the right experience for you. The Equestrian Retreat is a day for rebirth and recreation, where you turn (equine) dreams into plans. To bond with your horse and to ride with passion, peace, and higher performance you need to know both yourself and your horse on a deeper level. We take care of both parts with very positive methods during The Equestrian Retreat.

The Equestrian Retreat comes to you. Wherever your horses are we will get there, & our routine includes:

Yoga is a great practices for all equine enthusiasts, because it combines breathing, core strength, body alignment, balance and coordination. It is an efficient way to increase self-awareness of body and mind – which is essential for a good rider. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in – this practice can be adaptable for your individual needs.

Horse riding with dressage rider and trainer Linnea Aarflot. Your dressage training is tailor-made based on your experience and goals. Linnea teaches all levels from the basics for the beginner just looking for happy health, to advanced dressage for the experienced rider or school master who wants to perform. Whatever level you’re on, your lesson will be focused towards your particular needs and interests.

Organic & locally produced food. We support organic quality food, produced by local farms and will provide lunch after the morning yoga, lunch after the first riding session and afternoon tea with nibbles after the second riding but before the closing meditation.

Meditation/Mindfulness A daily meditation calms the mind, allowing you to think and act more clearly in every aspect of your life – and riding. We work with recognised yoga and meditation teacher Sarah Campbell Lloyd. Sarah is the founder of Yard Yoga in Forest Row and has many years’ experience working with athletes, dancers and riders. She helps us identify physical and mental strengths and weaknesses, in order to break through barriers and step up to the next level.

| Available dates from Aug 18 | 

Minimum 4 maximum 8 horses/riders maximum.
To book
The Equestrian Retreat at your yard please email linnea@the-equestrian.net or go to www.yardyoga.co.uk.
All levels welcome!

Price £250 includes morning yoga, riding lesson before and after lunch, organic breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, and a afternoon mindfullness session, individual coaching for all activities, as well as a theory session about sustainable dressage and the horse’s education. Does not include cost of travel. 

We also offer team building and leadership days for corporate organisations. Groups of friends and families can book a day for personal or professional growth. Please enquire for more info.



”Thank you for the lovely retreat! I really enjoyed it. It made me more aware in how your body, energy etc effects on how your horse moves, reacts and feels. Linnea really (re)opened my eyes and renewed my eagerness to learn more.. how your horse is supposed to feel when riding, connecting the right way and sending your own energy to the horse. I’ve learned so much in just two days.. I can’t imagine how much I would learn when I would spend more time! 

I feel challenged to ride better and train my horse the good way, so he can be the best he can, when he’s feeling at his best. Not being stressed, or not carrying himself the way he is supposed to.

I literally can’t wait to come back and learn more from Linnéa, because I know there is so much that I don’t know! Sending you love with all my heart.”
– Laure Notte, dressage rider, Belgium.

”I’m so grateful for this retreat. I came with an open mind, without knowledge of what to find – and I went home overwhelmed. I got so inspired to practise to get better where I need to. I will continue with more yoga and I’m happy to relocate me fire for horse riding and dressage. I will definitely continue this work at home! Thank you! ”
– Marita from Sweden.

”A big thank you to all of you for the most enjoyable weekend!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and wish you the best of luck for your future retreats, I am sure this will be a great success!!”
Caroline from London.


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