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JUST HOME from a couple days away at the National Championship semi finals with Firenze! & yeezus did she try as hard as she possibly could. She gave a better feel then we’ve ever had before, home and away counted!

Our ground work has had a huge impact on her mind and I especially notice it in her behaviour in new locations and under pressure she would’ve got tense in before. She was so confident, forward and with me riding the test, ending up just below a ticket to Nationals. I’m so proud of this young super girl. & of her new gears!

Hugely grateful to her owner Caroline Edgely for allowing me to keep her for this event ❤️ to super trainer Sune Hansen and the team at Springhill. To my sister from another mister and super groom Tora Siren. And to Equestrian Stockholm, Stübben and Padoc & Pace for making us look, feel and preform at our best!