Linnea Aaarflot Apollo Dressyrryttare USA

HEJ! First day’s practise is done and I’m SO excited to see old and new dancers here in Sweden today. It gives me awesome energy to see the old ones develop with such increased amount of harmony it’s like magic, and to meet new enthusiasts – I freaking LOVE my job! Thank you. 

Also, a kind reminder that popped up about “bending”: Before a practice or competition all successful athletes in this world will give special attention to loosing and suppling up their muscles and joints. Right? All football players right now etc. In the same way the rider must supple up his horse by correct bending exercises before demanding more difficult ones. This is even more important with a horse then a human as he may become tense when hampered by his rider’s weight (+ being tacked). These tensions should never be overlooked if you want suppleness, proficiency, balance and stamina to stay out of negative influence. Also, tension in the horse’s body is very often the core cause of physical damage. A sharp movement of the horse, that is not properly absorbed, will cause tension inside the horse. So, during the entire training suppling up before the beginning of proper work must be carried out with great care. That is why the loosing and suppling up the muscles by correct bending – not over bending ! (that just causes tension) – is very i m p o r t a n t. Easy peasy with the piaffe. 

Photo when dancing Apollo.