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AAHH SUCH A happy Thursday party here! Mr Aragon and I dared the Hickstead International today. As you know I have only known this superstar gentleman for a few weeks, so we have a lot of fine tuning to do but we have prepared as well as we possibly could. Stepping out of the lorry at Hickstead Aragon was as confident as ever, taking in all the arenas, people, stands, music and surroundings in his stride. In the warmup he just said ‘so THIS is what I’m supposed to do. I’ve got it, leave it to me’ and through both the warm up and the actual test in the international arena he gave me the best feel he has ever done so far. He just did not put one foot wrong! I think I can probably say I’ve never just enjoyed a test more, if it wasn’t for todays heat wave I’d be totally sure.

Two positive judges gave us just under 68% and put us as 2nd, while the last judge marked us down to a 5th wanting more impulsion – which is totally fair and fine considering we currently have a strong heat wave in UK, it was 35 degrees (!), Aragon is 18 yo and has not competed for a few years (ah, BLESS his behaviour today!) – aaaaaand I am 4 months pregnant!! 😀 So I knew we could have had more energy, but not today, for what I feel is very fair reasons <3

Very grateful to Aragon’s owner Anna Hadi and Spring Hill Dressage for letting me train and compete him, to my super grooms Millie and Ella, and to my babe Oliver Loveday for just showing up as the love of my life and practising some well needed super dad skills ❤️ Also to Equestrian Stockholm, Stubben and Padoc & Pace for making us both look and feel as good as we possibly can.

Very happy!