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I’VE GOT a lot of questions about products I use on a daily basis lately, during the summer, and for competition. Most of them are the same for all situations and every ride, both home and away at this season. So here’s the full list! PS. I have a delicious discount code for you at the bottom! 

  1. Padoc & Pace’s Shea Butter Lip balm is almost an obsession. As for my horse’s! A organic mix of Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Clove bud oil and Olive oil nourishes, soften and moisturizes the thickest of skins. I used to use vaseline in the corner of my horse’s mouth before I ride. Ha, feels like putting on plastic on your horse after using this! It prevents wounds and abrasions in mouth corners and other sensitive and vulnerable parts. I also use it on wounds and insect bites as healing and to prevent scarring. It’s so yum!
  2. Natural Flyspray from VIOVET. Wether it’s a summer day or I’m going to a show I always use the fly spray to help my horses’ peace of mind from the horse flies. I use the No Flies Naturally Spray from Horsewise, as it’s 100% pesticide free but still lasts the whole day.
  3. Padoc & Pace’s Argan Oil. Instead of spraying your horse with artificial shine sprays to get the mane and tail sparkle I use this aaaabsolutely brilliant and natural Argan Oil. Like this, most days after work Aragon gets a shower or hosed legs. Then just wet the tail and maybe mane as well if you wish. Take a few drip drops in your palms and massage in. The tail, I promise, will get both silkier and thicker! Naturally.
  4. Mane & Tail Conditioner. On a day to day basis I use the argan oil, but going to a show I add the extra shine on the tail and shoulders with a conditioner. It’s also great if you need to brush your horse’s tail before you’re able to wet it.
  5. Padoc & Pace’s Hoof Oil with balancing properties of organic ingredients like wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, black cumin oil, olive oil and lanolin creates the perfect cure for hoofs in need of extra attention. At Hicktead I used it before the show for the shine, but used on a regular basis it rebalance the hoofs and prevent it from cracking (better then any avarage oil as the black cumin works with the hoof instead of as a shield!), you can even use it underneath the hoof when you wish to stay away from snow or mud fever. Ah, so clever.
  6. Plait it up. NAF has a brilliant spray that takes plaits to the next level. So while the argain oil makes the mane thick and shiny, we need stickiness to get the plaits to stay perfect. So before we go to a show and put the plaits in, spray the mane or your palms with the Plait it up spray, and then plait it up. The plaits stays for a couple days if you need, and the baby hair in between the plaits stays obedient! So good.

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Happy shopping!