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VERY HAPPY for todays weekend reading, and grateful to Horse & Hound Magazine for featuring me competing at six month pregnant and scoring my babys first win at Prix St George!

Probably a bit extra happy about it since I got some quite discouraging comments before our start. Especially from a mum of two who commented that she would never compete at six month of her pregnancies. She ‘would never risk the health of the baby’, and meant that ‘it didn’t look good in front of the judge when competing that ‘fat’.’

Luckily, I’m emotionally intelligent enough to recognise that that’s nothing but her own monkey or jealousy speaking. I’m not fat. I’m pregnant. & I have more then one source of secure confirmation on that it’s not putting my baby at any risk as I’ve been a rider for hours and hours every day for years and years so my body is more then used to it. It’s relevant HOW you do things, and I surely take well care of that ‘how’: On a regular basis I check in with my midwife, doula, pregnancy massage therapist, pregnancy chiropractor, pregnancy yoga teacher and pregnancy osteopath! Plus I feel absolutely fantastic. Everyone including myself therefor gave me green light to start. I had great help from groom and owner so I could focus my energy, and the judges gave us the win against non pregnant riders with fresher horses (Aragon is 18 yo and semiretired) so I think I’m pretty safe to say we did well.

I totally believe in listening to my body, as it speaks clearly to me, and I will continue to do so rather then random opinions. I’m now stepping down from competitive riding and into my third trimester, and not really because I’m ‘fat’ or because it would be a risk for the baby, but because I’ve got something called Pubic Symphysis Dysfuncion (foglossning) and my bones are starting to get too soft to continue. Very pleased and proud of my pregnant self and my body so far!