WELCOME TO HORSE SPIRIT RANCH, and The Equestrian retreat in California.

For two days, both you and your horse will go through intense training.
With your particular needs in mind, we define specific goals and create a solid plan going forward.
We ensure you the authentic source to the art of riding with passion, peace and greater performance.

Our vision is that every human being around the globe identifies their LifeSpider and place themselves where their uniqueness contributes to a united world in Passion, Peace and Performance – inside and outside the stable. Because by knowing yourself you will know your horse.

We are located in Bonsall, California, at Horse Spirit Ranch, and we take you through a daily schedule built by professional therapists and trainers – customised to each visitor or team.

The daily routines includes:

Horse training: Work with dressage rider and holistic trainer Linnea Aarflot. Linnéa has over 15 years of experience and has a wide range of experience from Grand Prix dressage stallions, active world cup horses and military horses, to young horses, broken and abused horses, NYPD horses and wild horses. As a trainer she has helped endless of riders to gain a closer relationship with their four legged partners.

Your riding experience at Horse Spirit Ranch is tailor-made to your individual goals and needs. Linnea can teach anything from the basics for the beginner to an Advanced School Master for the experienced rider. Your lesson will be focused around you, your needs and interests.

Life coaching: We work with Birgitta Granström. Birgitta is founder of the LifeSpider SystemTM, a new life philosophy, the next generation of coaching and future leadership. She has taught communication, motivation, coaching and personal development for 25 years and has published three books, several E-books and an online self coaching program. Birgitta has inspired and empowered thousands of people around the world. She has worked with a diverse group of people from employees, to managers and CEO’s. She has enhanced their already successful life and enabled them to exceed their capabilities. She now introduces LifeSpider SystemTM into the Horse World with the intention of bringing humans and their horses into a broader partnership with passion, peace and performance.
Birgitta is called the “Michelangelo of Coaches”.  With her quick and a sharp eye she identifies the changes needed to allow you and your horse to become the best version of yourselves.

When you work on our personal development using the Lifespider system, you will find your authenticity that make the work with your horse more pleasureable – so you can thrive more both in the arena and in life.

Organic food: We support and provide organic and locally produced food during the retreat.

Meditation: A daily meditation with the horses calms the mind, allowing you to think and act more clearly in every aspect of your life.

Time for yourself: Spending time in a relaxed atmosphere creates the space needed to release negative emotion and stress. Whether you choose to spend this time in the barn, in the nearby ocean side, or simply in meditation – some time for reflection will have its place on your daily schedule.

Companies can book a pre-planned package including a guide for group exercises and team building. Individuals, friends and families can book therapeutic, holistic sessions and retreats for personal or professional growth.

| Next available dates: Jan 2019 | 

Price: $955 includes training for you and your horse, over night boarding for your horse, problem solving, life coaching, guided equine meditation Saturday + Sunday, and a theory session about mindful riding, horse’s behaviour and performance. Hotel and accommodation at own expense. Info provided if needed. Booking request: birgitta@lifespider.com / +1 310 625 4371