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dressage bridles schokermohledressage stablegromming bag equestrianIMG_5066IMG_5324AUTUMN IS ALL about organising life after the drifty summer, preparing for the winter to become as easy as possible (as you may know the senetive me is not a fan of the chilly weather), and I always tend to organise my barn in the autumn by giving every single piece in it it’s own space. I get new hooks, hanger, baskets and bowls to make sure we don’t have to go look for something missing. I go vintage stores and markets for the baskets and containers. I rather go vintage then glossy style for my barn. It’s our home and it should feel like it! Hooks and hangers, for bridles, salt licks, cross ties and rugs, you’ll find at Harry Hall.

It’s like we all, both humans and horses, find more peace when the barn is all clean and organised (plus I always have music on and like to do things in a flow:) so it helps if things are in place or it will kill my momentum!) 

Hugely grateful to call this my barn, my home and my work space <3

linnea aarflot dressage equestrian photo

Post in collaboration with Harry Hall.