Linnea Aarflot Wyebrook Farm Wedding

Wyebrook Farm Wedding

Emelie Dean Wyebrook Farm

JUST GOT back to New York after spending the Swedish midsummer weekend in Philadelphia, to celebrate the wedding of my beautiful friends Emelie & Dean, founders of the organic Wyebrook Farm. I can hardly describe the beauty of this wedding in words, neither can I enough support the production of their organic, purely healthy food. Emelie & Dean cares for their animals and land with their whole heart and soul. They are totally aware of true quality, and having such a genuine mission. I usually don’t eat a lot of meat, as it’s very hard to find pure and clean meat in US. (What you eat has a great impact of your energy, which has a great impact of your horse! No hippie shit.) But on Wyebrook I’m more then happy to eat three burgers a day, and I can absolutely not get enough of their RAW grass fed cow milk !

Eat organic peeps, and if you ever go to Philadelphia – go experience Wyebrook Farm. PLEASE.