THERE ARE SO many exciting things bubbling for this spring and summer season, and I literally can not wait to share it! So here’s one pretty awesome thing: You all probably know by now how insanely much I care about our inner life and to develop mindfully as a rider. So to help riders who wish to go deeper, we’re starting up The Equestrian Mindfulness Retreat for 6 days this year – in Africa!

We’re working at a all eco lodge, basically in the middle of nowhere, in Morocco. Here we focus on developing our skills both with our selves and our (horsey) relationships.

My partner in crime, and my very looked up to yoga and meditation teacher, Sarah Campbell Lloyd will guide our guests through yoga, mindfulness and meditations to unfold whatever your unique need for development is. & instead of focusing on the dressage performance with our horses this retreat, we will focus on how you take care of yourself, your self worth, confidence, leadership and quiet communication.

Ah, I’m so excited about this event and I can not wait to share more details. We only have 10 spots available. 5 are booked alteady. Early bird price is 10% off on the £1450, and include absolutely everything except your flight to Agadir.

To book your spot, please click here.