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HOW CLEVER are these cupcakey superstar saddles?!! Genius pieces of art they are! Being very grateful for my new Stubben saddles.

You know I’m the last rider to say the magic is in the gear, I don’t believe it is, but the more you ask from your horse the more the tack needs to support you both. Really. I’ve now been riding in Stübben’s saddles Euphoria, Centurion and Virginia since the summer, & these innovative, custom made super saddles surely does know how to support performance like they should! I’m proud to say my horses are developing better then ever, and so am I. My horses are all freer then before, both over the back and in the shoulders, and I’m more comfortable and balanced which allows me to use my seat better – which goes back to free up my horses. Etc. It’s a goooood feeling!

On a dressage saddle it’s important that you as a rider gets supported, both in the size of the seat (if it’s too big it’s like trying to steer a bathtub. Not easy.) as well as for your legs and knees (it makes life easier if they are supported to stay still and not float around too much). & what’s probably even more important is that your horse is supported. You want there to be the exact right angle in the tree so it doesn’t pinch your horse over the withers or back, and you want it to be flocked with the right amount of filling so it stays horizontal on your horse. Without tilting anyone of you in any direction. Luckily, my saddles fill all those criteria’s plus a dozen more. For instance the tree moves WITH THE HORSE. It’s incredible what a difference it makes. In my former saddles I had a trouble to really feel what was going in my horse’s backs. I like to be really close to my horses when I ride. & since the Stübben ones move with your horse that whole brick wall that was between us is gone. Ah, I meeean, the difference!

I just couldn’t recommend them more. Please find more on Stübben’s website, and let me know if you’d be interested.

Also! I’ve always suffered soar seat bones and Stübben’s ‘Biomex’ extra padding, and the solution with no seams in the seat, has deleted that problem completely. So clever! Very grateful.

Thank you Stübben <3