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ALWAYS SUCH A pleasure to teach in Sweden! LOVE my dressage clinics at AP Ridutveckling. & happy to say that from May on we’re doing The Equestrian Retreats again – where we combine dressage with yoga for one packed super day. Can.not.wait to share it with you and our lovely yoga teacher and head at AP Anna Wallberg. Next date is May 25th and you find all info and booking HERE. You don’t need your own horse for this treat.

Also great times to be back on the cheeky chop Con D’Amour! I showed this little superstar at the 4yo’s at Ridskolan Stromsholm in 2015, (we placed 3 out of 64 starts on 76%) and cut to four years later it’s great to feel he’s still the same absolutely pure peace of pleasure to work with!

Lots of love to Anna Wallberg, team AP, Margareta & Katten for organising and hosting <3