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Firenze shot by Ella Coleman/Cole & Jansman Production

IN DRESSAGE, (just as in yoga, running or life in general) injuries most commonly happen in transitions. It’s not actually in or during the hard work most injuries happen. It’s in the transitions. Therefor, maybe try to be extra mindful this week about all your transitions. From how you mount (is the horse standing still, and are you taking responsibility for your own body and balance?), to making sure you slow down the canter to smaller steps before you come back down to trot (so your horse doesn’t fall down on his shoulder wearing and tearing joints and ligaments, but stay uplifted over the back and top line), as well as making sure your horse understands what you ask him for, before you require him to execute, so you don’t have to force anything (for instance, properly prepare him for what you want him to do. Set up the half pass correct and make sure he’s off the inside leg so you don’t have to force force it).

You can also bring this into the rest of your day (do you warm up with smaller steps before you run fast?) Whatever you run for, do it mindfully, and try to soften what feels harsh. Pls