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‘A GOOD RIDER is one who understands the horse. One who is capable to listen to the horse. You have to speak their language. When you ride, you have to know what this horse will allow or tolerate, and more importantly, what they won’t tolerate. He must establish harmony between horse and rider, not wait for the horse to do this. This required self control and knowledge in how to motivate the horse.

A GOOD TRAINER is one who has good understanding of dressage theory, and one who can execute the theory on a practical level. He has to be able to place himself into the situation in which the student finds himself and successfully solve the problems. He has to be able to do this not only by riding the horse, but also has to be able to explain to the student so the student understands how to do this on their own without tensing up. A good trainer has to give clear instructions and above all, think of what’s in the best interest of the horse.’ 

– Klaus Balkenhol

I’m looking much forward to increase my riders awareness with a new season of The Equestrian Retreat in Stockholm! With everything yoga and dressage. Through yoga we can achieve so much better, both in life but also in the saddle. Yoga gives us the opportunity to strengthen both physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives us better core strength, better balance, better alignment and overall stability and responsiveness in the saddle. Giving yourself a centered, strong and balanced seat can dramatically help your horses movement, and create both a better picture and feeling. I love to connect dressage to yoga during @theequestrianretreat. Combined with dressage training and theory I’m looking much forward to kick of a new season of at AP Ridutveckling with AP’s beautiful rider and yoga instructor Anna Wallberg on Sept 21!

All levels from novice welcome. With your own horse or one of AP’s. Click HERE for more info and to book your spot!