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THIS SEASON is full on! & I’m loving it! Last week it was showtime for Caruso again. This time at Belmoredean, which is where we went for Caruso’s first ever competition, 1,5 years ago. Can’t believe where time flew! Really proud of taking the big man back being such a grown up (wellll). Second time for him at this level and guess who came home with a win! On over 70%! Incredibly happy with the baby dragon not being so much of a baby anymore. As always thanks so much to Caruso’s owner Caroline Edgeley and Tora Sirén!


Then! Yesterday it was Sarah Demartin’s Lucky One’s turn to go out on his first ever competition. This week we went to our favourite venue Hickstead. If Caruso is a big man, Lucky is a dinasaur. He’s by Jazz – Flemmingh and as you can imagine a quite sharp head. No the easiest combo, and we’ve really let him take his time to grow into the body (it’s still a long way to go). Yesterday we went out to just show him the arena and give him the experience of the showground. As any young horse he was quite looky in the beginning but eventually we got to the home feel and ! we’re home with another Win on over 70%! Whoppa! Very proud. Again I’m very grateful to Lucky’s owner Sarah and top groom Tora.



As always both my horses and me are dressed top to toe in Equestrian Stockholm.