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AS EVERY year, please find my go to’s for either your own wish list this Christmas, or your favourite equestrian’s! In no specific order here are my favourites items for very day use:

  1. Le Mieux White boots with sheep skin.
  2. Padoc & Pace Main & Tail Oil. Organic, best possible quality for your horse care (makes SUCH a difference.)
  3. This warm anti inflammatory Turmeric Latte goes with me everywhere. I prepare a thermos every morning and stay warm all day.
  4. Reindeer Antlers. Makes your horse look so pretty on the Xmas card!
  5. Padoc & Pace Lip Balm. The wonder cream that is good for everything. Well more or less. Organic and top quality moist for lips, wounds, mudfever, and does also smell (and actually taste) amazing.
  6. Equestrian Stockholm’s beanie keeps the ears warm when teaching on in the barn!
  7. Stubben’s clever bridle Switch. An ergonomic superstar that easily switches between a snaffle and a double. Plus makes your horse look more clever then ever!
  8. Rockl Winter Gloves. Please give your hands the care they deserve this winer. Keep them warm!
  9. Equestrian Stockholm’s White Perfection pad. A very close friends of mine that I use both at the show and at home.
  10. The Longines watch La Grande Classic. It’s always on my arm.
  11. The next generation Stubben saddle, Centurion. With every new thinking feature you can imagine. Please find more details below.

I genuinely LOVE all above. If you’re interested in any item but can’t find them please just let me know.

Happy wishing!