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A great RIDER is one who understands the horse, who is capable to listen to the horse and speak their language. When you ride, you have to know what that horse will allow or tolerate, and more importantly, what they won’t tolerate. A great rider must establish harmony between horse and rider, not wait for the horse to do this. This required self control and knowledge in how to motivate the horse.

A great TRAINER is one who has good understanding of dressage theory, and can execute the theory on a practical level. A great trainer has to be able to place himself into the situation in which the student finds herself and successfully solve the problem. She has to be able to do this not only by riding the horse, but also has to be able to explain to the student so the student UNDERSTANDS how to do this on their own without tensing up. A great trainer has to give clear instructions and above all, think of what’s in the best interest of the horse. Please find one that aligns with your values and you’ll go further then you think!