THE EQUESTRIAN was founded in 2012 to spread awareness of the art of riding, sport of dressage, the wisdom in horses and the health and beauty representing the equestrian culture. Through photography, interviews, training tips, lifestyle stories, and wellness The Equestrian wish to contribute and inspires to a higher quality of life for both horses and riders.

With many years of international experience from the top of equestrian industry, and a deep understanding of equestrianism founder Linnea Aarflot wish to share this impressive world with people who may not come across the beauty in their everyday life. Linnea even finds it important to pass this wisdom and art on to the next generation, and that the most effective way to engage people and capture their attention is through combining information with inspiration.

Linnea Aarflot is a solution oriented dressage rider and trainer, who after working as a hired rider at two Olympic dressage stables in the US and the UK, is now based at Spring Hill Dressage in East Sussex, England.

Born in a creative Swedish family with a great love of nature, Linnéa developed her talent for art and creativity at an early age – which shines through her passion for horses. As a young rider her natural talent with horses was already apparent, and now holding over 20 years’ professional experience, she has worked with a wide range of horses including Grand Prix dressage stallions, World Cup competition horses, NYPD’s horses, military horses, young dressage horses, wild horses and rescue horses. She has helped so many riders to understand, and deepen their relationship with their four legged partners – and themselves.

Today Linnea is based at Spring Hill Dressage in the south east UK, where she produces and competes client’s dressage horses. She regularly goes for clinics internationally and runs The Equestrian Retreat during spring and summer time weekends. Everything with the mission to spread her deep love and understanding for horses, art of riding and sport of dressage.

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’Wishing you all the very best Linnea, you have been such a help to us, truly you have made a great difference. My partner described it like singing. You’ve helped us find our notes. Things make sense finally. So 💕thank you💕 Linnea for all you’ve done to help us so far, it’s time to rock!’
– Alicia, East Sussex, U.K. 

A huge thank you for allowing me to get off the carousel and giving me the chance to learn how to actually ride. I really, really appreciate it!
– Nicola, London.

”Linnea made me more aware in how your body, energy etc effects on how your horse moves, reacts and feels. She really (re)opened my eyes and renewed my eagerness to learn more.. how your horse is supposed to feel when riding, connecting the right way and sending your own energy to the horse. I’ve learned so much in just two days.. I can’t imagine how much I would learn when I would spend more time! 

I feel challenged to ride better and train my horse the good way, so he can be the best he can, when he’s feeling at his best. Not being stressed, or not carrying himself the way he is supposed to.

I literally can’t wait to come back and learn more from Linnéa, because I know there is so much that I don’t know! Sending you love with all my heart.”
– Laure Notte, dressage rider, Belgium.

“Thank You for your help Linnea! Wonderful experiences this weekend! Next level, new paradigm. We ride on, well guided.”
– Margareta, Stockholm.

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