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I’M LOOKING SO much forward to be back in these beautiful arenas with my Stockholm clinics next month! August 8-9th at Norroby Gard and 14-15th at AP Ridutveckling. I’ve got quite a few messages from riders who are nervous to ride for me lately because they don’t think they are good enough, and it saddens me so much! You don’t need to be at any specific level to get my help. I have riders from the level where they struggle to canter, or even get on their own horse, because they are too nervous, to riders competing at the national team, and I have trained horses from the non existing level of being a nervous rescue horse with no strength and anxiety issues to horses that has already made it to Grand Prix. So please be assured there is no pressure on being at any specific level, what’s interesting is to go forward, from wherever you are.

Riders without their own horse are very much welcome at AP Ridutveckling and riders at all levels are welcome on both the private sessions as well as the clinics.

All autumn dates and how to book are up HERE and I’m looking so much forward to see youu! <3