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STARTING JUST earlier this year I’ve been working with European bronze medalist Claire Gallimore on World Cup Dressage Rider and Trainer Tristan Tucker’s ‘TRT Method’. It’s an incredible way of working the horses mentally, preparing them for the pressure that comes with performance, all about coordination and about how to manage stress and channel it into something positive. Teaching my horses those tools has been so incredible for their overall training. By teaching them what to do with themselves in times of stress or when they experience pressure, they themselves (!) can choose to release the tension that comes with it (be it from the wind, a scary umbrella, applauds, or difficult work) and they have gained confidence and coordination also in the ridden work. Described simply you can say that when they feel pressure they have a choice: lowering the head and stay supple in muscles, leaving them with a feeling of relaxation and control. Or, look out, tense up, and loose focus leaving them with a tense feeling inside. Whatever their choice is, it colours into how they behave when they feel pressure under the saddle.

Worth mentioning is that this is not the same as desensitisation, making them less sensitive, ‘cut off’, or loosing aliveness which we much required and appreciate for a higher level performance horse.

Firenze here feeling as prepared as she can, as we’re travelling to Regionals tmr! And I’m really excited about how she’s developed the past couple of month mixing our days of ridden training with more ground work.

Very grateful to Claire Gallimore & Tristan Tucker for this positive method and add to our training. 

Please send us a wish on Feb 20 at 9.40!