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THROUGH YOGA we can achieve so much more, both in life but also in the saddle. Yoga gives us the opportunity to strengthen both physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives us better core strength, better balance, better alignment and overall stability and responsiveness in the saddle. 

Core strength is required to maintain your upright posture in the saddle while the horse moves underneath you. The bigger or more unpredictable your horses movement, the stronger your core needs to be. 

Balance is knowing where your body is in space and constantly adjusting to maintain your upright position. Having good balance and body awareness is a learned skill. The better your balance is the more stable you will be in the saddle. 

Alignment is being positioned correctly in the saddle so that your joints move efficiently. This is also called biomechanics. Sometimes the saddle we have can favour one side of our body, or be slightly twisted, without us realising it. The better aligned we are, the less wear and tear we put on our joints and ligaments when we move. It also makes life a lot easier for our horses. 

Core strength, balance and alignment all come together to create stability in the saddle. Giving yourself a centered and balanced seat can dramatically help your horses movement. It also creates both a better picture and feeling in the saddle. 

I love to take my riders through this practice during The Equestrian Retreats and one way to easily bring this practice into your every day is through Mind Body Horse‘s brilliant yoga for equestrian series. I’ve just accepted their 21 day challenge. Please join!